We are all star dust. In the city, among the concrete trees, the yellow lights and the tar black rivers, the immensity of the universe escapes us. The Naturalist John Muir once said that the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness. Join us in our vast wilderness where the universe cannot escape you, only envelop you.

After you’ve watched the sunrise over the eastern mountains and the day passed by, relax as it becomes dark to observe the majestic night sky. Marvel at the starry arm of the Milky Way as Orion peers down upon you.

Telescopes and binoculars are welcome – the craters on the moon and the celestial dust of the Andromeda galaxy should not go unseen. Bring a star chart if you’re looking for a specific bright spot or would just like to map out the constellations.

Lie under the stars, surrounded by the hums, chirps and whistles of our wilderness, and lose yourself in a blanket of light.